Press Release Service — It’s Like a Money Button

Do you have big news?  Not just “we’ve got a web site” – I mean the kind of Earth shaking, spine tingling news that gets people hyped, and talking about it around the water cooler all through the next week.  Well, you may or may not have your industry’s equivalent of a major whistle blowing or natural catastrophe.  But you may also have something that can be spun in that direction… and that’s when a press release service will become your money button.  They used to say, “if you build it, they will come.”  But the rule might well be amended to, “if you promote it well, they will be THERE.”  Don King taught us that much decades ago. Now Elite SEO marketing can help ensure your success.

A good press release service uses basic human psychology to accomplish positive ends.  Once they get people hyped about an event or a new offering or promotion, those people won’t just be excited to go participate – they will become word of mouth advertising.  As they tell others about the offering, the hype will grow, and customers will pour forth like a dam bursting.  Of course, this will be the dam holding back a level of wealth you’ve never even dared to imagine before, which is a really good problem to have.  This is like taking Thor’s Hammer to a dam – but instead of being a terrorist who destroys dams, you become a plutocrat who has to decide what to do with unbelievable success.

But what makes an event or offering news worthy?  Unfortunately, there are a lot of other questions subordinate to that question – where is it, what is it about, who should be interested in it (don’t try to aim for everyone), why should anyone care?  The first question you need to answer for your press release needs to be, “Who should care about this?”  If your offering is in Las Vegas, “people in Las Vegas” would likely be your first filter – people in New York probably won’t travel a couple of thousand miles, no matter how awesome it is.  If your offering is online, your press release service could start with your web site, and not be concerned with geographic limitations.