Reaching Out to Potential Clients

Reaching out to large, well established corporations can be intimidating. What are you doing to make sure you are making a bold professional call? Whether you are reaching out to a company for the first time or even returning their call it is important to make a remembering impact in order to do business and/or ensure your company’s good name.

Making a professional first impression will always be remembered. While making business calls you are representing yourself and your company. The pressure may be high but so should your presentation! Make sure the objective of the call is being delivered clearly and thoroughly. Be well prepared, say everything you need to address in the order it should be addressed in and stay confident. Perhaps pre-writing a script is a good idea. Also, plan all your details out, like whom it is you need to talk to etc.

How to start off the call:

If you are calling with a recorded voice system it is important to notify the person you are speaking with about it right away. If not, introduce yourself with your name and the company you are calling with –an additional “Hi, how are you” never hurt anyone.

Make sure the person or department you need to contact is available to have some time to talk and if not, schedule a better time and date to go over your important call. (With rescheduling, make sure you make clear note to call back so you won’t have room to forget)

Keeping it strictly business:

Using notes to help guide you through your specific points may be a good idea as well. Stick to the main target and try as politely as possible not to get lost in side or meaningless conversations. Asking if the person understands you or if you should rephrase the purpose of your call is important to guarantee you both are on the same page. Using everyday analogies are great ways to have a person understand and relate to what you are talking about.


End it with a BANG!

Review all your important points of the discussion and ask if there are any questions that went unanswered. Make sure you both are on the same page and if need be, set an additional call back date and time. End the call on a pleasant note, and thank the person you are speaking with for their time!