SEO – An Art or Science?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is something that no website can do without today. If you want your webpage to get enough traffic, you will have to optimize it properly for the search engines, so that they can get higher ranking. This in turn will make more visitors click on your webpage and thereby generate more traffic to your site, who might become clients.

SEO requires both artistic skills, as well as a clear scientific mind. It has often been debated whether SEO is an art or a science. The answer however, is not simple – it is a bit of both. They come together to make a perfect recipe for success in the field of SEO.

If you have to succeed in the field of SEO, you will have to carefully plan and execute the project, with the right keywords and relevant key phrases. Identifying the keywords can be carried out with some of the sophisticated software tools that are available today. However, at the same time, you will have to use your instinct and artistic bent of mind to put together the keywords in such a way, that they can acquire the maximum efficiency.

The science part of SEO is reflected in the fact that all major search engines have their own algorithms that help them to rank the various sites. An experienced person in the field of SEO can identify the pattern of the algorithm and implement a technique that is highly efficient.

The results of the SEO should be verifiable, quantifiable and proven as economically viable. If your SEO can make the site attain better visibility, it will convert into better sales. These are the cold hard facts that SEO deals with; hence, SEO and science go hand in hand.

However, the art part of SEO is also undeniable. Since no search engines reveal how their algorithms work, SEO experts need to use their instinct to find out what works best for the site, In addition, since the algorithms constantly keep changing, the professionals need to depend on their own skills and techniques to come up with the best SEO plan.

After all, a SEO strategy can be quickly created to create websites that are based on certain scientific formulas of SEO. But, these sites may not have the personal and human appeal that the visitors may be looking for. Thus, while your site may get a good ranking on the search engine pages, people may not like your website enough.

Thus, SEO needs to be the right mix of art and science, so that you can come up with a website that not only ranks well on the search engines, but also appeals to the senses of your viewers, who are, after all, your potential customers!