SEO Today

SEO today has come a long way and become a major and undeniable part of marketing any business online. It is meant to give you high page ranking, thus increasing the traffic to your site and thereby, your business. It is an effective and extremely essential part of the Internet marketing strategy, which makes sure that the most relevant site is thrown up in the search results.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves a number of factors that include link building, article writing, keyword management, web presenter services and so on. A good SEO can also enable access to pay-per-click optimization; it can also conduct researches directly from the search engines, in order to discover the most relevant and important keywords.

What is New?

SEO has taken giant leaps from its earlier form, and as such, a number of new factors determine what makes a good SEO. Earlier SEO was mainly about tweaking the title and adding meta tags, but now it is so much more.

Personalised and local search – Today, a search result that you get from say, New York, is going to be starkly different from what comes up in New Jersey. This is because of the personalized searches are now a major thing in the Internet. When you type in your search word, a localized search result is thrown up depending on your location, which can be seen through the IP address.

Sites are also Search Engine Optimized for local searches, today, so that business can also tap the local market, apart from the national and international market.

The mobile Internet – With everything going mobile, SEO for this medium is extremely important. This is why, the content of the mobile web is Optimized and developed so that consumers are attracted to your product.

These types of SEO can be done with the use of widgets, listings on mobile maps and even visibility on Twitter – the last being extremely popular on the mobile.

Social Media – Making your presence felt in popular social media is an important part of SEO today, which ensures that you come up in searches. You can create various media link “baits” for your viewers by giving out the information in various forms – content, video, widgets and content.

Other factors in SEO today

Other than this, the regular rules of SEO still stand. Always remember to anchor your links, optimize your title tags, add meta tags and headings. The content body of the article is extremely important. It should contain the relevant keywords, with about 3-5% keyword density in the content. Also remember that updating the content and adding new content now and then makes your site look more relevant to the search engines and thus, you can have a better ranking.