Set your business on its way with affordable SEO techniques


You don’t need to be a huge multi national to enjoy the benefits of SEO, in fact the vast majority of sites online are for small businesses. So where should you start when looking for affordable SEO techniques when looking to get your online efforts off to a flying start? Here are some of the key areas to get you started.

Simple website design
All too often we see first time website designs that are altogether too complex. Managing a complicated website structure comes with all sorts of pitfalls and extra work, and despite what you might think, can be a huge turn off for your customer. When getting started, invest in a simple but functional website design that is inexpensive yet effective.

Why responsive design is a must
Unless you’ve been in hiding over the past half decade or so, then the idea of mobile browsing shouldn’t be anything new to you. In fact, over half of all browsing now happens on the mobile web, and the same is true for online consumption. By 2016 there is no other way to look at it, invest in responsive design for your mobile customer base, or assume that you’re missing out on half of your potential custom.

Choosing the right keywords
This is a job that your SEO manager can help you with using his specialised tools for the trade. You can choose whether you prioritise your keywords for those which bring in most traffic, or those which have the best rate of conversion, or better yet, try to blend the two together in different ways until you find the best results.

Consider a custom blog
Another really great way to add to your websites SEO is to add a custom blog to your website. A custom blog is inexpensive and adds a whole new angle to your business for the needs of your customer.