Setting your sights on first page placement

Regardless of whether you’re new or a veteran to the world of online business, first page placement is the holy grail of SEO for businesses big and small. If you are just at the start of your journey then it’s important to understand first page placement so that you know what you’re aiming for, and how you can begin to work toward it.

What is first page placement?
First page placement, as the name suggests, refers to where a customer or web browser can find your content via a search engine. Almost all website clicks come from a search engine one way or the other, so having your site or pages from your site featured on the very first page of results on a search engine like Google is both a sign of great success so far, as well as a cause for developing future growth and success.

What it means to your business
Very rarely when a user enters a search term into the engine will they click past the first page, more often they will edit their search rather than go onto page 2 of search results. What this means for your business is that the first page is like a booming shopping area – the rent might be higher, but it’s certainly worth it in terms of how much trade you’ll do.

Is it attainable?
Yes, first page placement can be achieved whether your business is grand or small through strong SEO efforts providing your content is excellent. Being tech savvy can also give you a leg up on the competition, and there are some shortcuts to be taken advantage of.  

Top tips
Always survey the competition when it comes to achieving first page placement, the great thing about this is that your existing competition which is on the first page is an exact template of what your business needs to take its place, you just need to offer everything they do, and a little extra on top.