Social Bookmarking: An Important Cog In The Marketing Machine

Many of today’s businesses are internet driven or rely on traffic to their website to generate fresh leads. Social bookmarking, while not as popular as tweeting or commenting on MySpace or Facebook, is a convenient venue for your more established customers to help refer you to new clients. Every time a new page is bookmarked several interested parties will follow that link to your site. What happens when they get there is up to you.

In order for social bookmarking to be a successful part of your marketing campaign you will have to hold the readers attention. The best way to do that is to offer informative and interesting copy. Most sites fail in this area. Quite a few site owners try to write their own copy or hire a copywriter based on the amount charged per hour. That is actually the complete opposite of what you need to do. The first consideration of copy is to make sure it is written in proper language—whatever language you are targeting. The next is the proper positioning and density of your keywords. Both of these can be checked by requiring work samples before you hire a copywriter.

Social bookmarking brings a nice bonus every time one of your pages is marked for the first time: a backlink. Since these links are all important to acquiring page position and page rank, this bonus is very important to a site’s owner. These are targeted backlinks and the traffic they generate is actually looking for the product they are exploring by following your link. Your percentage of sales from this traffic will be higher than a normal click through from a search engine. Every website owner is looking to increase their sales percentage.

The importance of social bookmarking in any web 2.0 marketing campaign is impossible to deny. On the downside it is a time consuming attack. The most popular sites have subscribed to some of the automated bookmarking programs, but not all of them. You can spend hour upon hour focusing a social bookmarking campaign and not be effective. This is one aspect of SEO that should be left to the experts.