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Set your business on its way with affordable SEO techniques


You don’t need to be a huge multi national to enjoy the benefits of SEO, in fact the vast majority of sites online are for small businesses. So where should you start when looking for affordable SEO techniques when looking to get your online efforts off to a flying start? Here are some of the key areas to get you started.

Simple website design
All too often we see first time website designs that are altogether too complex. Managing a complicated website structure comes with all sorts of pitfalls and extra work, and despite what you might think, can be a huge turn off for your customer. When getting started, invest in a simple but functional website design that is inexpensive yet effective.

Why responsive design is a must
Unless you’ve been in hiding over the past half decade or so, then the idea of mobile browsing shouldn’t be anything new to you. In fact, over half of all browsing now happens on the mobile web, and the same is true for online consumption. By 2016 there is no other way to look at it, invest in responsive design for your mobile customer base, or assume that you’re missing out on half of your potential custom.

Choosing the right keywords
This is a job that your SEO manager can help you with using his specialised tools for the trade. You can choose whether you prioritise your keywords for those which bring in most traffic, or those which have the best rate of conversion, or better yet, try to blend the two together in different ways until you find the best results.

Consider a custom blog
Another really great way to add to your websites SEO is to add a custom blog to your website. A custom blog is inexpensive and adds a whole new angle to your business for the needs of your customer.

Affordable SEO for a basic business website

When it comes to searches about SEO, price is one of the most commonly searched for subjects. But that SEO practices need to cost a fortune is a myth, and you can implement effective changes using affordable seo techniques.

If for example the website you currently have is in need of a complete revamp with new design, content, the works, then for a small website the cost could be as low as a few thousand dollars. But what exactly do you get for your money?


Keyword research and implementation is one powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal. Keyword research tools like Adwords allow an expert to find the most appropriate keywords to use in your web content. By analysing your keyword performance you can continually edit your keywords and thus your results in the search engine.


As we’ve said elsewhere content quality is now more important than ever, this is why producing high quality, unique content needs to be a priority and can be a part of your SEO campaign.


Backlinks connect parts of your content to other relevant websites which expand upon something on your site says or explains a related topic. By connecting to other relevant sites you can expand on the areas you cover, and the site will often link back to your site.

Custom blog creation

A custom blog is s beat SEO technique and a well of opportunity for any website. By posting short regular posts in a blog you’ll benefit your website in many ways, and your customer too.

Firstly a blog allows you to expand on information that wasn’t quite relevant to your web page itself. This allows you to go into greater depth without filling up your web pages with content most people would ignore. Blogs allow specialists to discuss concerns, and this can create a micro community around your company and your website. It will also make your site appear more active, which is great for its page rank.

Affordable SEO for your business, large or small


I’m often asked how the biggest, most popular websites for each industry manage their SEO differently to smaller firms who make far smaller investments. The great thing is that while it’s true that big companies have significant marketing budgets to ensure their SEO success, the techniques used don’t actually differ much from any other technique.

The main difference with SEO for big multinationals is that firstly they know the value of SEO, and are sure to spend lots of time and resources to ensure their SEO is in constant development. The only other difference is that for those few big companies who sell their products in large part because of brand name, it’s easy for them to direct consumers in since no other company uses that brand name as an SEO keyword, and this helps to pull big numbers in.

While a small electrical wholesaler might focus more on relevant keywords for the products they sell, a company like Nike can also focus simply on attracting customers with the brand name. It’s true that this is a big advantage for these companies, but it isn’t how the majority of users search, and the most affordable SEO techniques when properly applied can still help your small business to compete with the big dogs.

Firstly take advantage of keywords particular to your business. If you specialise in baking bread then it’s unlikely you’re ever going to feature that highly for a search like ‘bread’. These searches are reserved for general searches about the product, and will display the few of the biggest names in the industry.

Instead focus on long-tail keywords that apply more to your business than even the biggest names. This may look something like ‘traditional hand baked bread’ or ‘artisan bread in Central LA’. This way you serve your content (any maybe your bread) directly to those users most likely to make a purchase.

There are plenty of other ways to utilise affordable SEO techniques to get the better of your competition, but the best way to see what’s on offer is by viewing the services offered by the professionals. (Link to services)

The A, B, C’s of Affordable Website SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may often seem daunting, with constant updates and ever changing jargon. If you are new to the world of SEO, or are new to running a business online then this is applies especially. But it needn’t take years of ardent research, setting up affordable SEO techniques that anyone can apply is more simple than is often made out.

Regardless of trade, design may be the most widely understood language of all for establishing user-preference. The wonderful part is, that people like simplicity! Flashiness had it’s time, but novelty wore in and the people have spoken, a smart, clean, and concise design is king whether you’re baking, selling professional music equipment, or opening an online jewelry store. Do not make a homepage with long movies, or seizure inducing graphics, and certainly don’t startle your viewer with an eruption of impromptu music on every page.

The most effective way to target your audience is to go via the search engine. Google, Yahoo, Bing and others relate the users search to the words you use in your content, especially titles, page tags, and page descriptions. So be savvy and make sure the proper vocab, jargon, or terminology is being utilised on your site to attract higher traffic volume.

If you are a Formula One fanatic and make money with a site dedicated to the topic, then make and contribute to a blog, and engage in discussion with other similar sites. This is the proper way today to acquire high value, long-term back links which drive in business to your site, help your associates, and makes for a more user friendly experience.

Localise your business
Take advantage of the numerous opportunities to connect your business to it’s physical location by adding your address and contact information, the yellow pages for example allows you to submit your exact location and allows customers to post reviews.

Social Media
Whether you’re Barack Obama, or the new expendables movie, you need a Twitter and Facebook accounts. Social media is a vast new frontier for marketing, and you can go far with very little or no budget at all. Encourage your customers to add you, add relevant associates yourself, and engage to make the most.

The Secret to Achieving Affordable SEO

Many factors will determine whether your website ends up being highly ranked in search engines, and of course you will find at least as many tools to determine if you are doing a good job at keeping your site and articles optimized for the search engine robots. We will list some below but please remember that only professionals can increase your web traffic by the results of this analysis by performing the necessary adjustments to the gathered information – even if these tools make for affordable SEO.


Pole Position

Firstly you can find ranking position checkers. These tools will tell you what position your site is in different search engines and against what sites it is competing due to the information and keywords the spiders have found. They may not be able to provide much of a reason and that is why the expert’s knowledge is always a must.


Keywords are the first, if not the most important factor of affordable SEO because they go a long way in determining what your site is about to the eye of the search engines. Some tools the experts use go from how your page is being affected by the ones chosen, to density checkers that can tell you if your page is overcrowded of words and becoming misleading or imprecise. Comparing your description to others on competitor site by extracting Meta tags is also handy when you want to be associated or dissociated from a particular product or service.


Since links to and from your site will also impact your site’s outcome there are tools that can show you where your site is being linked from and where it is redirecting your audience. Professionals also use HTML optimizers for shorter links and coding which is one of the most ignored areas of web programming since so much importance is placed on design.

If your site is only starting up with a few articles, it is very unlikely it will be show up on the top of the charts if you don’t seek help from a crew with the appropriate expertise – as you can see, there is a lot to handle even if there are tools to help you monitor the site’s current status.

Can an Affordable SEO Company Work for You?

Promoting your website is a key part of promoting your business. When it comes time to hire an SEO consultant to assist you with this prospect, it may seem well out of your price bracket. However, let’s look at what an affordable SEO company can offer and if it will be just as effective for your business

Money Is Not All That Matters.
It’s important to keep in mind that the cheapest service won’t always give you the results that you’re looking for. It’s more important to decide what’s needed and to see what companies you can find that can provide this with a good reputation. However, when you are just getting started or are on a tight budget, money is going to be an issue. So, when you look at a company’s services, check first for quality and see if their most affordable SEO package does everything that you need it to. Do some shopping among the ones that you have decided provide the quality you need.

Another Way to Find a Good Price
Also consider posting what you are looking for on certain SEO forums. Many times companies will check them when looking for new business. Make sure that you check their references and customer reviews. Also check the sites of their previous clients to make sure that you like their work, as far as page ranking.

What Else Should You Consider?
Don’t just look at price! It’s hard at first, but if you need some specialized services or have a lot of competition already on the market, then price is definitely not the only thing to take into consideration. If you find out that you may have to pay a little bit more on this part of your marketing, try not to get too disheartened. Just remind yourself that it’s for the greater good, and that it will pay off in the end.

When it comes to looking for an affordable SEO company, you can certainly find one that will fit your needs as long as they are basic. Just remember that quality should always come first!

Do Affordable SEO Companies Provide Quality SEO Service?

When you are hiring someone for a job, the first and last thing that comes to mind is finding someone who will work at a reasonable price and at the same time provide high-quality work. This is definitely the case if you are hiring someone today, in the world of search engines, computer apps and computers.


SEO companies

One thing we all know is hiring someone with a low-priced rate can sometimes lead in poorer quality work, which means it may need to be re-done many times. However, is that also the case for SEO services? There are many SEO companies out there that are both affordable and provide good quality work, which means both things are possible.


Quality and Results

The quality received from a SEO Service Company does not necessarily depend on the prices charged. You can hire an SEO company that is both affordable and provides outstanding results. Alternatively, you could also get results that are useless from an affordable SEO company. However, even if you go for the most expensive company out there, you could still get the worst results.


Good and Bad SEO Results

The only way you will get good quality results, depends on if the company is dedicated to its efforts to provide you with that type of service. The only way you can tell a bad company to a good and affordable SEO company, is to ask others who have used or are using that company. Reading and gathering some reviews, will help you decide whether or not to trust the company.


Reviews and Links

Just reading various reviews will not get you anywhere. Reviews are personal opinions and concern of feelings the person has towards a certain thing, in our case SEO services. When writing reviews, people sometimes want to gain something, which depends on the exaggeration of how good or bad the review is. In order to properly know whether the service is for you or not, you need to read many reviews, and find some common factors that link them. Once you have read thoroughly and between the lines, and determined the links, you will be able to decide the quality of service the company offers.

Important Things to Consider When Sourcing For Affordable SEO Services

If you are running a business and want it to rank prominently on the search engines you need to find an affordable SEO service provider. These suggestions are going to help you make a truly informed decision. There are a few potential red flags you need to be aware of when sourcing for these search engine service providers.

Don’t Deal With Anyone Offering “Free SEO Services”
If you come across any firm that is offering free search engine optimization services you shouldn’t even consider their services. Any SEO company that is legitimate won’t have the time to offer these free and those firms that do not charge anything upfront could do substantial damage to your online profile making it even harder for you to rank in the future.

Only Deal with SEO Firms That Have Been In Operation for a Considerable Number of Years
There are new SEO companies opening up each and every day but you should only engage the services of an affordable SEO firm that has been in operation for many years. The longer the SEO firm has been providing these services the more effective they should be. It would be wise to always ask for examples of work done in the past and speak with former clients to get a better understanding of the overall suitability of the firm.

How Much Should I Pay For These SEO Services?
The term “affordable” is ambiguous but you should expect to pay more for niches that are very competitive. What you need to find out when speaking with these SEO service providers is what the expected return on investment (ROI) will be on the project. By comparing the amount of money going in and the anticipate revenue coming out you will know whether this particular project is viable.

Business Is Good Right Now Why Should I Invest In SEO?
Even if business is good right now it could be better. There are potential customers looking on the Internet right now for products and services you are offering but cannot find you. By investing in these affordable SEO services now your business is going to have a durable competitive advantage over your competitors and your overall earnings will include at the same time.

Affordable SEO: Get the Most from Video Marketing

Videos are a great tool to show a product or how it is used but how can it be used as a marketing tool?

Search Engine Optimization for Videos
Search engines deal with words not pictures so to ensure your video searchable then proper affordable SEO techniques need to be used. The title of the video should include the keyword that is most appropriate.

The description of the video should also include the keyword that you are targeting. It should be positioned in the first sentence of the first paragraph to be most effective. The description should be as complete as possible and give information on your product, why it should be bought and your website.

Location Information
The best technique in affordable SEO to include location information is by adding it to the keyword in the description. This has maximizes the overall SEO value and helps to also make it visible in searches that are narrowed by location.

Including a telephone number can also prompt people that are searching to click your link. There is only a limited amount of information returned in search results so to be seen it needs to be in the first 150 characters of the description.

Links help to increase the ranking of your entry in the search engine results for the keyword used. The more links to quality trusted websites that point to your video the better you are ranked. When people link to your links the value also increases. This is an affordable SEO technique that can be applied to all areas.

You can help the process by uploading your video to video sharing sites and linking to these with your blog. Social media is also great to build links so having social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ let you start the process of creating a web of valuable links.

Interesting video content is very valuable and can be a great marketing tool that generates interest in your product and in your brand. Producing a video of acceptable quality just requires a little practice. The latest generation smart phones and digital cameras have the ability to record content with good quality.

Promote Your Business with Affordable SEO Methods

One of the most important parts of any business is website promotion. Do it right and your business will take off; do it wrong and it’s likely to come crashing down. You can do it yourself but is best to hire a professional for the job. It doesn’t need to cost the earth either; there are plenty of affordable SEOservices that you can use.

By affordable, we mean a service that is competitively priced, dedicated to your needs and provides the required results. Many businesses refuse to use these services but, in today’s cut-throat business world, only the best advertised businesses will be successful. Finding an affordable SEO consultant will pay its own dividends and is well worth the initial cost.

A badly designed website will cost you your ranking on the search engines, your business and your reputation. When you think about hiring a consultant to help you, think of the tax incentives you may be entitled to, and the reductions in overheads and labor. Take these off of the cost and you’ve got your affordable SEO service.

Things to Know About SEO Services
1) Out of the 85% of people who use search engines, 75% don’t get any further than page 1 of the results.
2) There are over 100 million websites, each of which wants to be at the top of the list.
3) Online businesses are growing at around 20 – 25% per year – visibility is of the utmost importance if you want to succeed.

Using an affordable SEO service will ensure that your website receives the correct ranking on the search engines for the most visibility and the best exposure.

How much traffic you receive will depend entirely on how your SEO consultant works. If he uses underhand techniques, your website is liable to be banned. Most affordable SEO services will need at least 4 or 5 months to start generating any significant results. If they tell you they can do it within a week or even overnight then don’t waste your money. Hiring a company that is experienced and ethical will ensure, not just a worthwhile return but that you will get an affordable SEO service.