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3 key ways to use local internet marketing

All too frequently do businesses online spread themselves too thin when it comes to their marketing efforts, tempted by the seemingly unlimited reach offered by the World Wide Web. However many companies who operate online will still have a huge portion of their customer base in their local area, after all your customer feels more safe knowing that in the worst case they can drive to your company office to discuss a grievance.

Local search services
One of the first and most basic ways of taking advantage of local internet marketing is also one of the cheapest and most effective. Local search services include any listing service like Yelp or Google which holds your company information for local searches. By taking advantage of these services you will have customers directly linked to your business website when, for example, they search for a service (that you offer) in your local area – Los Angeles for example.

Using maps
Embedding a service like Google maps onto your site is another inexpensive and incredibly useful way of expanding your local reach. When a customer stumbles onto your site, if you have a map service, then they can simply click directions for a gps service that directs them right to your front door.

Another fantastic benefit that you open your business to when using a maps service is finding local customers who may not have heard of your business. If I type “hairdresser” into my maps app then all of those hairdressers in my local area who use the maps service will be listed, with photos, reviews, a link into the website, and more.

Using locally relevant keywords
Finally, if you are a retail business or offer another product or service which rely heavily on local trade, then be sure to embed locally relevant keywords into your web content. The chances are that an LA based hairdresser probably doesn’t serve too many Texan clients, so rather than competing with thousands over a keyword like “hairdresser”, use a more specific term like “LA hairdresser”, the more specific the better.

Why Local Internet Marketing is so important

When it comes to your general SEO efforts for your website it’s no doubt true that for the most part you will be targeting a general audience on the web. Keywords will aim more at your industry, product, or service than it will your local area. However taking advantage of local internet marketing is easy, and there are plenty of really useful ways that you can integrate local internet marketing to your wider SEO campaign.

First of all why would you want to target your local audience over a general Internet audience? Well there are plenty of good reasons but the main boil down to this – much of your potential customer base is in your local area. For many types of business like retail or hospitality as well as many other services from a taxi to a plumber rely on local trade, but even if this isn’t the case people still love using a service with a physical address, especially when it’s near to them.

So how can you add a local touch to your marketing efforts and make the most of local internet marketing?


First and foremost it’s well worth investing in a maps service. Your web developer can synch your business address with Google maps allowing your customer to see you on a map when on your website. The main benefit of this is that local spontaneous customers can click for directions when nearby and looking for your service and be directed right to your door.

Local forums

Post info about your business in local council / borough / state websites to tap directly into your customer base. Featuring on sites like this will give a sense of trust to your custom in advance.

Local keywords

Finally by interesting local words to your keywords you can again tap directly into your most relevant customer base. Trying to compete with the keyword pizza restaurant might be hard but down town LA pizza restaurant will shortly you to the first page of google for those most relevant web searches.

Are you missing out on Local Internet Marketing?


Another big way that companies are taking strides forward in SEO for their online business is by taking advantage of local internet marketing. There are a range of ways you can use your local area to to boost traffic, and increase your rate of return of traffic converted to customers.

Who should use local internet marketing?
The relevance of attaching your local area to your web strategy has become more and more useful over the years. For some companies which sell from the website it can simply be a case of improving trust, having accountability, and customers preference for using local suppliers and so on.

For other businesses using local internet marketing is even more important, and this applies to none more than businesses which trade in store. Any type of business which is based in a retail premises, including businesses like restaurants are the prime candidate for making big gains by using local internet marketing.

What difference can it make?
In today’s culture if somebody wants something, whether it’s a shirt or a cheese burger, he’s sure to have plenty of choice in most local areas. He or she will often pull the mobile from the pocket, perform a quick search, and instantly he’ll see all the competition nearby with the option of GPS navigation to his or her chosen location. By utilising local area marketing you’ll become a competitor in this respect, and will begin to attract a new type of customer.

Ways of implementing local internet marketing:

– local keywords
Though it might be hard to compete with the main keywords that define your industry, by piggybacking the name of the city or town you’re based in in your keyword strategy you can pull in more traffic, and the right traffic.

– Maps
The way search engines work is constantly changing, and google now doesn’t necessarily need a local keyword to know where you are thanks to gps. If a customer simply types florist into their browser, a local map of the businesses will often be the first thing they see.


Ways To Boost Your Local Internet Marketing Opportunities

When people are looking to find a particular business where they live, more often than not they turn to the Internet.  This is why using local internet marketing opportunities is vital.  Especially if you want it to stay one step a head of its competitors.

There are many ways that you will be able to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  The ones we discuss below, provide you with the potential to make it easier for customers to find you.

  1. It is important to make sure that your website is using the right SEO strategies. It should be optimized through using keywords that are specific to your industry.

You need to make sure that the keywords included are ones that are particular to the area that your business serves.

  1. As the owner of a local business, it is important to make sure that you have been listed in Google Places. This is a free service.

Having entered your information into it, you get further coverage.  Then when potential customers search on Google for your type of business in the area you serve, yours will appear before them.

  1. PPC or pay per click is another great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities. You should be using this if you are in an industry where competition is high.

Make sure that you bid only on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business.

  1. Okay, social media might not be the way that most customers are likely to find you at first. But it is,a great way to be able engage with customers, who are already loyal to your business.

Using Facebook and Twitter, is a great way to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities.  It helps you engage more with your customers both old and new, plus it allows customers to provide feedback much faster.

Don’t expect these ways to boost your local Internet marketing opportunities fast, it is going to take time.  But building up a solid foundation means that you are more likely to gain the trust of those who visit your website.

Local Internet Marketing: A Huge Advantage for Local Businesses

It is obvious to say that we are way past naming the “internet era” as a thing to come or a thing we are delving into. Internet has become part of our daily lives, such as water, or gas, or electricity – a basic need of modern living. This is why local internet marketing is becoming more important every day.


Searching Is a Consumer’s First Step

Nowadays, looking something up on the internet is commonly the first step before doing anything when researching to purchase a product or hire a service – you probably even you do it. So in order to gain the public’s desire for your particular business it is imperative that you establish some kind of credibility and reputation which you can do by setting up a neat and clear website and backing it with a great social media presence.

Social Presence Matters

Presence in social networks is becoming more and more a cornerstone of customer contact and customer service. Every day less people call support hotlines and try to get in touch with companies through their fan pages and online profiles, and this is because they have the feeling that they are backed by the rest of the client base and it makes sure that their demands are handled in a fast and expedite manner. But most importantly, it shows your audience that your business is alive and it cares.

It Serves a Double Purpose

Of course, there are a lot of other means of advertising online, but a website and a social profile on a network can be very cost effective if it is managed properly, and this is true because since you need an online presence anyway if you do it right you won’t have to keep investing or spending money from the bank

Think Local, Go Global

With good local internet marketing, you will probably be noticed further than you expected in the first place. The internet is a global landscape and if the public sees that your business has a high quality product or service and that it cares about its consumers, you are most likely to climb higher in search engines and start receiving orders from places you never imagined you could reach

Using Local Internet Marketing to Reach Your Customers

People used to get a lot of their information through local sources such as newspapers, radio, the phonebook and direct mail, among others. However, today’s shoppers usually use the internet to get everything they need to know. If your business has been left behind in the technology sector, you will soon lose customers and the flow of incoming consumers will go down. This is why using local internet marketing is important for your success!

What Are The Most Effective Marketing Routes Now?
The new consumer uses the internet and their phone to do everything in their day. Not many people even have a phone book or a land line anymore. It actually makes it quite a bit easier, because when you use local internet marketing, your customers can get a good look at your company and compare it to others in the same line of business. This allows them to become more comfortable with you before ever making a purchase which leads to more sales, of course.

What Else Should You Consider To Reach Local Customers?
In addition to internet marketing, make sure you pay special attention to mobile marketing as well. Not only are your local customers using their smart phone to access your website online, this also leads to more ways for you to connect with them. You should look into a marketing plan that includes text messages, mobile apps, digital coupons, ads and QR codes. Everyone keeps their phone with them, and most people prefer to get a text message over a phone call any day.

Is This Type Of Marketing Worth Your Time?
You know that a lot of visitors will come from your local area. It may seem like a waste, but if you put a digital campaign into place and really keep with it, your business will continue to grow. It’s important to keep in mind that your competition already realizes this, so if you don’t get involved in a local internet marketing campaign, you will have no hope of keeping up with them. Customers want things to be easy, so make it that way!

Build Brand Awareness with Local Online Marketing Strategies

Raising brand awareness not only makes your brand popular amongst many others, but also gets the word around. If it satisfies the customer, they are more likely to return and recommend. To ensure your brand does not get outdated or fade away in the Internet, it is important you use local internet marketing resources.


Winning Branding Strategy

A captivating local internet marketing strategy will populate your brand amongst your target audience and also make sure it is recognized everywhere. The importance of brand recognition is that it ensures your business always stays in the customers mind.


Know Your Competitors

Before you start, you need to make sure you know your competitors. This is so you can separate your product from your competitors’. You need to make sure your brand stands out and one way going about it is to say what your products can offer, which others cannot.


Define a Brand Idea

This is important, as it allows you to construct growing and profitable brand permission. Brand vision dimensions include position, authenticity, strategy, difference and value. Good vision will always give you a clearer direction to what your company wants to achieve.


Use Organic Search Visibility

Using local online marketing techniques to enhance your rank in search engines is a must. Several SEO techniques should be implemented, including keyword research, concentrating on end user, attracting incoming links and using titles that mirror the content.


Social Media

Using social media sites also helps to build brand familiarity. They can also help to build a reputation that is both lasting and valuable in understanding the brand.


Track Your Progress

When you are using local marketing strategies, it is important you track your progress. This will always show you what is and isn’t working. You will also know where your brand is in terms of being noticed on the web.

Managing your brand using online marketing strategies allows you to promote your business and outdo your competitor sites. Another way to maintain your brand is by sending emails on a regular basis to your mailing list. You also need to keep up-to-date with any changing trends and consumers, as you don’t want your site being left behind.

Use your Business’ Local Knowledge with Local Internet Marketing

Small businesses often make the mistake of trying to compete against market leaders. The market leader is committing a lot of resources to stay on top and even if you could commit similar resources it would be a losing proposition. There is a much better way to get better targeted results that are much more cost effective and it is using local internet marketing.

What Is Local Internet Marketing?
This is to use marketing techniques that are aimed at your local area. This makes people that are searching in your local area much more likely to see your results and because you are local it also makes it much more likely that they will purchase from you.

Pay Per Click
One of the most widely used marketing tools that work really well with local internet marketing is pay per click campaigns. The cost per click of popular keywords can be expensive but by narrowing the focus by adding location the cost quickly becomes much cheaper. There are partner companies that help to organize the campaigns and provide exact cost breakdown.

Online Classifieds
One of the areas that a properly orchestrated campaign can have very positive results is in marketing using online classifieds. This is where as many locally focused classified sites are used so that your business becomes highly visible. This can generate many locally based leads and can be adjusted easily to market particular products usually on a monthly basis.

Popular Local Sites
One of the techniques that marketing companies use to find good locally popular advertising sites is to localize searches and then use the results to target advertising and other marketing activities. This can be simply done by doing a localized search in the area targeted and then search for ‘forum’ or ‘blog’. This may return many sites that are not suitable but there are always several that rank highly and are popular in the local community.

Then they can be approached about including advertising for your business on their site. Having a presence on local forums and discussion groups also raise the businesses profile and allows targeted offers to be posted. These are a great way to market to the local community and are very inexpensive.

Local Internet Marketing The Google Way: With Professional Help

The first thing that a small business owner needs to do to take advantage of the plethora of new Google-based local search marketing is to make sure that their website is in good standing with Google. Your Google Plus Local listing needs to match up with your details on your website perfectly, and your site needs to be abiding by all of the content rules of Panda and all of the linking rules of Penguin.

If you make a commonplace mistake, like keyword stuffing your site’s description, it can cost you valuable traction with Google’s ranking algorithm. That said, Google makes mistakes of its own surprisingly often, so make sure when your Places listing gets merged with it’s Plus Local page (which may have already happened) that it’s correct.

The most difficult problem to resolve — and yet, one of the most common — is having your business listed multiple times on Google Maps or within Google Places. This happens most often when Google finds a citation somewhere on the website that gives your business, but with a different phone number, address, or name. If you’re “Tea Leaf II” in Lacey, WA, but someone’s website lists you as “Tea Leaf 2” in Lacey, WA, you can end up with two separate listings for the same business. Google penalizes you for this even though it’s not in any way your fault. Even having your hours updated incorrectly can mess you up.

If you’re not following Google’s local internet marketing forum and their email list, a lot of these things can escape you. It’s a full-time job just to know what kinds of things could be causing problems, much less to keep them from actually penalizing your listings. Even many local search experts have been boggled by the rapid-fire changes and mistakes that Google has made — you could hardly be expected to keep up with them and run your business at the same time.

That’s why we suggest getting a professional to help you with your local online marketing — it’s just about the only way to do it right.

Stretch Your Budget Further With Local Internet Marketing

For the small business, understanding how to carry out effective marketing is a minefield. Local internet marketing should be your starting point- ensuring that your name reaches people in your locality through the internet. Done correctly, it’s the best way to ensure success for your business, bringing you the right customers at the right time.

Local internet marketing provides for a much more impressive ROI than any other method. While there are some businesses that prefer to use the more traditional methods of advertising, they are finding that it’s not as effective anymore. It can also work out extremely expensive.

Best Way to Carry Out Local Internet Marketing
Before you come up with your strategy, think about the effect local internet marketing will have on your business – can you handle the possible explosion in customer numbers and still provide a good service? Strategy is important in any form of internet marketing, but particularly for the local approach.

Choosing how your implement your local internet marketingstrategy is vital for success; traditional SEO methods are highly successful at getting your business rated on page 1 of the search engine results. If you can reach the top 3 then your business will be an unqualified success.

Online directories are a very important part of local internet marketing. Take Google+ Local, for example. Businesses listed in this directory will be shown at the top of the search listings, with a map marking their location and address. Treat your listing as a miniature version of your own website.
Video marketing is fast becoming one of the most successful forms of local internet marketing. People prefer to see what they are getting rather than reading about it. Provided the video is clear, concise and looks professional, it will work.

You can spend as much money and time as you like on your local internet marketing campaign but it will be wasted if the most important tool you own is not right. Every link leads back to your website – if it doesn’t look good, it simply won’t matter what you do. Potential customers want to see a professional website that is easy to navigate and inspires confidence. If it doesn’t, they’ll leave and that’s another sale lost.