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Planning long-term with organic SEO


Putting the foundations in place

When you set to work for the first time on your mission to develop a organic SEO campaign for your website it’s critical that you keep the long-term in mind as your priority.

Keyword research
Keyword research will be at the forefront of all of your organic SEO efforts and is one of the key starting points for any website. Your keyword researcher will use tools like google’s keyword research tool to find the most appropriate terminology to use in your text to attract customers. Presuming that your business has an area of expertise, or a particular industry that it operates in then over time you will find many keywords which are applicable in the long term as well as many you will use just for specific purposes.

Backlinks are like hyperlinks which connect your content to other websites. Starting to build backlinks with other businesses you extend your knowledge to include theirs and in time you can hope for them to link back to some of your own content.
Building from your basics
Once you have your basic processes in place you can continue using them for all new content and you can also begin to develop them further. There are so many ways you can develop your keyword research, backlinks, and existing design, here are some great places to start.

Combine content creation with keyword research
Once you have your practice of researching the best keywords in place you’ll over time begin to feel more confident that you know which keywords should be used in which circumstances. Looking ahead you can have your content created in conjunction with keyword research to ensure that all of your content is created with those particular keywords in place.

Building relationships with your backlinks
Once you have half a dozen or so regular websites which you link to and which links back to your content then you can begin to plan future links in ways that benefit both of your websites. If you’re smart about it you can ever partner with other expert sites to create complementary content for your joint customer base, and this makes synergy.

Your Organic SEO guide

Running a business online means that you’ll inevitably have to come to terms with organic SEO and it’s better sooner rather than later. If you’re not yet familiar with SEO then it’s good to know that SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it concerns how your website relates to search engines like Google.

There are plenty of intricate ways that you can improve your organic SEO growth and many of these can be completed by web developers. This list is a great place to start planning your organic SEO campaign and includes all of the most SEO techniques.

Keyword research and development

Researching keywords involved using tools to find the most appropriate and relevant keywords for use in your content, titles, page urls, PPC ads and more. Certain keywords rank highly in search engines and can therefore be very beneficial to your website. Results of how well keywords perform informs us on how and when to make changes and this development never finishes.


Backlinks are when you use hyperlinks to connect some content in your webpage to an external webpage. If you have links going from and to your page you’ll score well with Google and you’ll also help customers and build relationships.


Web design is key to any website’s success. There are plenty of interesting ways you can make your website design more interesting, but what’s more important is keeping it simple for your viewer.

Custom blog creation

You can also create a blog on your website as a form of SEO. The extra posting will rank you higher for consistent posts and the wide array of topics covered may help you to pull in some extra traffic.

Page optimisation

Be sure to format your page properly for all devices, and ensure to pay attention to details like meta tags and meta titles too as well as url name. Remember to keep them short but relevant.  

There are other important factors to your SEO success, navigation around your site is one important example, however this covers much of the basics.

What is Organic SEO and is it expensive?

SEO is almost a catchphrase in the modern age, and we hear it possibly a little more than we’d like to with so much web chatter devoted to the subject. If you’re a business owner who operates online and are looking for a simple explanation for exactly what you’ll be paying for by investing in Search Engine Optimisation – and how much it will cost – you’ve come to the right place

SEO describes techniques used by developers to make a website act with more magnetism toward search engine users, via the search engine. Because the search engine, especially Google, is constantly being updated and revolutionized, so are the techniques of SEO, and this is why it can often be complicated to keep up, as well as more variables plucking up making calculate costs more tricky.  

Basically though anything which makes your website adhere better to the codes set down by search engines like Google constitute organic SEO, and these range from things like avoiding common mistakes, to ticking the right boxes. The websites which the search engine deems the most appropriate fit will arrive higher in the search results whenever something is searched, meaning these sites will get far more views, and in turn business.

This describes one of the most simple ways which organic SEO techniques can make a big difference to a website. When popular search terms are fought over competitively they’re called Keywords, and knowing which keywords to have on the pages of your website takes research, and can yield powerful results.

Other simple techniques like decent, attractive, and easy to navigate website designs are important, and increasingly services like responsive design for mobile devices are becoming more and more important. One other main form which SEO takes is in link building, which we go into in detail in a later blog post.


Organic SEO: Then and now

Search engines are continually evolving, Google for example update their search algorithms around 500 times each year, and keeping up requires marketing specialists more than ever to be on their toes. Here is a little run-down of the evolution of search engines, and organic SEO as a result.

As search engines evolve, so does the role and the workload of SEO specialists. The overriding direction of search engine tweaks are toward creating an online environment where the consumer / webuser wins. The highest quality, most original content which resonates with it’s readers will shine through, and old techniques will leave once successful, perhaps reputable businesses to fall off from first page placement into the shadows of page 2 and beyond…

Fortunately though it isn’t (as it often seems) a battle, search engines constantly provide in depth guides to navigating and understanding their updates, which great SEO experts will be able to apply. Here though are the most important developments to be aware of:

Focus on Return on Investment
Once upon a time page ranking was the crowning glory of successful SEO, though not so much any more. Now a focus on the Return on Investment (ROI) prevails as SEO specialists focus on each and every page of content, and not merely the general performance of the website.

Long-tail Keyword Focus
Traditionally Keywords for search terms were short, and general terms targeting the widest possible audience reach. Recent changes in the way search engines function means that long-tail phrases are now far more important than ever. This means that if a mechanic wants to search for a very specific part, rather than finding suppliers for parts in general and trying to narrow down the options to find the part, now search engines are more apt at finding relevant web page for even the most specific searches. This is also really handy as these searches often occur at the point of purchase.

Quality Backlinks
No more will websites profit from spamming backlinks, link-farming, or link-exchanging. Instead today’s backlinks require experts in the field to come together and form relations to connect the most relevant content. Links which become valuable themselves as pathways through content which organically relates. Imagine the different stages of building a house for example, which might connect the expertise of plumbers, roofers, bricklayers and so on.

Organic SEO – Will Help Make Your Business More Successful

Everywhere you look online, you get told that organic SEO can help to improve the success of your business. But often you don’t get told why it is that you need it.

As you will soon discover, organic SEO definitely has a key role to play if you want your business to be successful online. Below we explain just how it will help to make your business more successful.

Reason 1 – Organic SEO Will Help Deliver A Much Higher ROI For Your Business

There isn’t any other online marketing strategy that can deliver the kinds of returns that this can. It is able to deliver non stop traffic to your website.

Reason 2 – Able To Connect With Potential Customers Who Are Mobile

Through using organic SEO you are able to make your business much more visible to potential customers even when they are on the move. As mobile searching is definitely going to become ever more popular, you need to make sure that your website is ready for it.


Reason 3 – Organic SEO Will Always Remain In Vogue

It isn’t ever going to disappear, but you will need to make sure that your business evolves as SEO does. By understanding the dynamics of it you are going to be able to adapt to it without any real problems.

Reason 4 – Every One Searches Online For Businesses

Having a good organic SEO strategy in place will help increase the chances of potential customers finding you. But you still need to make sure that you are thinking from the perspective of these people.

Remember these days they can search for what they want online no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

In order for customers to find your business you need to have a good organic SEO strategy in place. This will then help to attract the right kinds of customers to it.

If you have no experience then working with an experienced SEO consultant is a must.

Increasing Your SEO Traffic

Organic SEO is still a relatively new concept in the world of web pages. If you have a new website, it can sometimes be difficult and time consuming for you to work your way up on Google or other popular search engines without emptying your wallet. But what is Organic SEO?

Instead of hiring a freelancer or company to increase your traffic, Organic SEO is all about utilizing your available resources in order to make your website more easily searchable. If you choose to go organic, there are two main points that you should focus on: link building and keyword usage. These will expand the optimization of your site.

By using specific and unique keywords numerous times throughout your articles and pages, you’ll be able to naturally increase search traffic on your website. Having important keywords in the title of your article or page will also help. The repeated keywords will be recognized by search engines and, though it might take several weeks, will have an effect on your website’s placement.

Though keywords are fairly easy to include in your content, link building is a hard task to accomplish early on. In the beginning stages of a website, you won’t have enough established content to “link back” to your own writing (which increases viewership). However, it is possible to add hyperlinks to other established pages.

It is also vital that you create and share quality content that establishes a genuine interest within your audience. Valued content will result in the sharing of your website; building even more organic traffic. A great way to do this is by having well-known writers or guests create posts on your page. Eventually, you will have the ability to “link back” to your own popular articles and pages.

The benefits of choosing Organic SEO are that there are no fees or monthly payments, you’ll get a sense of self-worth when you see your site’s traffic increase (knowing that you did the work without “cheating”), and doing your own optimization will make users more prone to continue visiting your website and look at new information and posts. Organic SEO is, in majority, about the quality of your work.

Though Organic SEO takes more time than purchasing help, it establishes a more stable base audience for your page. Focus on keywords, linking, and content, and watch your website rise.

Improve Your Internal Linking With These Organic SEO Tricks!

It is very important to take into account the conversion rates your site is generating, but there is no conversion if traffic is not really going through your site. Therefore, a solid linking structure should be one of your main concerns when you want your website to be a success in terms of navigation and user experience – as well as achieving organic SEO.


Removing Unnecessary Content

In the past, users used to love nice Flash animations with pretty vector graphics and music, but today that type of content will not get you very far, nor will it get you up the search engine’s results. This is because flash animations act as a stand-alone file embedded on to a webpage, and search engines can’t read through the content of these files because they have a proprietary format that is copyrighted by the creators of Flash. Moreover, these animations tend to be very heavy for a mobile connection which will make your loading times very poor and drive your traffic away before they have had a chance to come in contact with any content at all.

Adding Useful Internal Linking

  • Internal linking refers to links from pages within your website to other pages within your website. This is really useful for the user to navigate the site, but it is also great in terms of quality and linking to content which will rank you in search engines. Remember, though, only to use text as a link and that it carries a good, relevant and precise anchor text and not something generic such as “See more” or “Click Me”.
  • If you use any JavaScript at all, link the file externally within the header.
  • Another useful tool is the use of breadcrumbs. These are usually seen on the footer or the header of the site and they show where you’ve clicked in order to reach a certain article but generally are linked to those previous steps providing internal backlinks. Any broken links will severely affect your ranking.
  • Finally, add sitemap.xml file to your website so that robots from search engines can find the content faster and properly.

If you can achieve everything we told you above, then you are sure to improve your organic SEO.


Choosing a Company to Help With Organic SEO

When it comes to finding a good SEO company it can seem like a difficult undertaking. But, remember, doing so can help drive traffic and sales to your website. So, let’s look at how to choose the right company for you.

What Does An SEO Company Do For You?
A high quality SEO company will assist in bringing more people to your site and they will help you make more sales to these visitors. They understand the importance of using keywords properly in order to grow your business. In addition, the right company knows that organic SEO will place your site higher in the rankings which therefore will increase business as well.

Some Things to Think About When Choosing a Company
A good SEO company will first examine your current website and then optimize your site for targeted keywords. Make sure you choose a company that is reputable, has been in business long enough to have references and shows realistic expectations. It’s also important to be comfortable with the company’s practices. You will want to go with a firm that realizes that spam is not a good way to do business and that really knows how to use organic SEO in order to make your website look good. They are helping to represent you, so you want them to do it well.

How Can You Make Sure They Are Reputable?
See if any of your friends or acquaintances have anything to say about their SEO Company. You can also check business reviews online and weed out some bad seeds that way. You can also look the company’s portfolio and see how their past customers are performing. If they have been around long enough to have examples to show you, that’s a good sign as well. They should feel comfortable enough with their work to give references of past clients. Of course, it all comes down to what kind of a job they will do for you, so speak to them and make sure they understand what will be required and that they are well versed on current practices.

What to Expect From Organic SEO Services

The outcome of a website is due to the team’s effort, but when it comes to how high the rankings are in terms of the internet, then that all goes to the SEO efforts. SEO gives your site a good rank amongst search engines, which brings more and more traffic. Many sites also pay search engines by displaying Pay per Click Ads, which customers click on. However, what you want is your site to naturally rank amongst the top and not due to you paying for the services. With organic SEO services your site will get more preference in a natural way and it will cost you ridiculously less per visitor than PPC.


Organic SEO Services

These services improve natural rankings of the site. This means the site naturally has a good rank and attracts traffic. Organic SEO is very useful for big commercial sites with numerous products for sale. Success of such sites relies on the traffic, which is based on the pages the search engine has indexed. More indexed pages mean better and higher rankings.


Site optimization

With these services, your site will be optimized, which means customers can easily locate your products and services. This will also give your business supreme online reputation. In order for you to see the amazing results, you will need to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization expert.


Content and Optimization

The content provided by you or the person you hired needs to be unique, real and relevant to the keywords. A smart strategy is also needed, which is known as the back linking service. For this, you need to ensure you are regularly generating new content, as these will act as a major source for backlinks. When it comes to organic SEO services, optimization is an essential part. Everything from on and off-page optimization will be taken care of, due to optimization. With on-page optimization, entities include HTML tags, analytics tools, site map and keywords. Whereas, off-page optimization includes RSS feeds, forums, blogs, link building with articles and more.

Hiring all these services means you get to enjoy the full benefits of more clicks to your page, long-lasting trust with content that is both original and relevant, longer-lasting search results and a cost-effective online business.

SEO Marketing: True or Flase?

As we look back on Internet marketing history years from now, it’s possible that we’ll see many changes and updates.
At the same time, it’s important to pay attention to the internet, and see how it is changing around Google, and not just within it. The hurried growth of social media, for example, has altered the way people search for information and answers, and the growing number of new websites means there are so many more things to find, while making it harder to actually find them.

All of this change is exciting, but can also cause a lot of confusion. It’s no wonder that Google is trying their very best to stay at the top of its game and businesses are trying to maintain their rankings for keywords and search phrases. Incorrect information and mistaken ideas are everywhere, and following the incorrect advice can hurt your business in a detrimental way.

To help you sort through the chaos, we have listed the most important truths and myths that surround the current and future condition of search engine optimization.

Truth: Keywords and links swill always be important when it comes to SEO.
For the chatter going on that “the old rules of SEO are out the window,” search engines STILL have to find you some way, somehow. That means that keywords and links to your site are still very significant.

Truth: Google wants your website to appear “organic” and not “over-optimized.”
Google is on a mission to downplay (sometimes even punish) sites that have been trying to go around the system by jamming keywords and taking other steps to make pages harder to read and recognize.

Myth: That means you can ignore search engine optimization altogether.
Google and the other search engines process millions and millions of searches per day, which makes them significant Internet marketing. There is a big difference between “findable” and “over-optimized,” and most websites still have a lot of room for development.

Myth: The very same companies and websites will proceed to dominate and rank highly.
Whether you enjoy a great search engine ranking or want to catch up to a challenger, what are most important are the measures you take to move forward. Google is placing more meaning on present content and updates, which means that no ranking or benefit is safe for very long.