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Reputation Management

Being a business owner or administrator involves not only budgeting, marketing and sales, but also monitoring reviews about you and your business. Keeping track on what is said about your company is crucial to building a better business.  Relationship development is as important as reputation management.

The differences between the two are good and bad news. The “good news” pile is where there is room to develop a positive business relationship. In other words, finding other opportunities to share your content, other’s content, link with them, “follow them” and thank them for their tweet! In all reality, what begins online via the internet can quickly lead to phone calls and in-person meetings. The “bad news” portion is dealing with the negative substance. Dealing with reputation management is very essential in order to dilute what you don’t want said about your business brand. Damaged online reputation is going to happen, but make sure you have the capability to resolve and restore it!

Where to Start

There are many tools provide to assist your company monitor and control what the face of your company is being viewed as. Without any cost there are Social Mention and Google Alerts provided to allow you to correspond with social networks and respond as well.

For larger organizations, abide by this checklist and make sure that:

  • Whoever is in charge or touching the company’s brand on social medias are communicating on a daily basis.
  • Be aware of what your competitors are doing.
  • Projects, sales, anything pertaining the company, is being analyzed and reported.
  • Everything that is said to be done is acted on.

A key factor about monitoring your business’s reputation is also another great tool to help understand what people are or are not interested in.

Customer Care is Crucial

Why is Customer Care so important? Because without your customers you would have no business!

Making sure your clients are happy is probably one of the most important jobs you can do while in business. Based on their happiness you have good reviews, more chance for renewing consumers, along with the chance that they will refer other customers.

How to make your consumers satisfied:

  • Make sure you keep a pleasant atmosphere at all times
  • Keep in contact regularly
  • Make customer care calls
  • Send customer care emails
  • Make sure you offer your clients what you promised them


While making customer care calls:

  • Make sure they have available time to talk.
  • Ask them if their needs are being met to their satisfaction
  • Ask if they having any questions or concerns they wish to address
  • Offer any advice or information applicable
  • Always keep a positive tone of voice and vibe with the client
  • Thank them for their business and make sure they understand how much you value them as a customer

Customer service includes the all around experience for your customers when involved with your organization.

Strong customer service can be the difference towards joining your company rather than another. We all act out customer care roles on a day to day basis. Being courteous to others, warmly welcoming others into a home, respecting others of authority are all traits that tie into pleasing others as customer care and moving towards a attaining a good reputation; reaching both qualities will benefit your business.

Respect your clients. Thank your clients. And value your clients.

Because without their business you have no business!