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How Google reads your website SEO efforts

In this week’s post we thought we’d take a look at website SEO from the point of view of the search engine. Understanding what it is that the search engine ranks your site for is critical in understanding why your SEO efforts are effective and gives you a new perspective to keep in mind while building your site.
What keywords do
You may have thought that carrying out thorough keyword research is all about connecting with your customer – and you would be at least part correct in your assumption – but there is also something deeper going on behind the scenes. A search engine like Google is built upon analyses of big data, each time a user enters a search, Google knows, and it also knows which links are then clicked, and going further which keywords are used closer to the point of conversion (purchase).

The search engine knows what users are looking for when they enter a particular search term, and they list websites in order of relevance using this search term. By having the term embedded in your content, you have a good chance that yours will be one of the websites that are listed.

Why simple navigation is key
Your site layout needs to be simple and intuitive for navigation, and this is true as much for the search engine as it is for your customer. Search engine bots and crawlers constantly roam about the web, mapping links between webpages and websites. Simple navigation means having an inherently logical connection between each of your pages, and few dead ends on your site navigation.

Concise URLs, meta titles, and meta tags
URLs are the full web address for finding each specific webpage. As you may well have seen, many come with many forward slashes and seemingly arbitrary number or word lists. You can edit your URLs to make them relevant to your web page though, this makes your pages content and subject area easier to read, both for the search engine, and for your customer.

The same can be said for meta titles and descriptions – these being what appears on the search engine results – and you should think of these as like the entrance to your website, so keep them clear and concise.

Website SEO for 2016

Website SEO trends move as quickly as with any other online trends and 2016 is another year. We can expect much of the same as we had from 2015 in many respects when it comes to design, content, and keyword use, here’s a closer look.


SEO focus will remain heavy on content in 2016. The release of Google hummingbird last year meant that more than ever the significance of fantastic qualifiable content was more than ever, and this will certainly continue.

Website SEO should focus on connecting keyword research and content creation to better integrate thoroughly researched short and long-tail keywords. This can be done by ensuring an open channel of communication between keyword researchers and content writers.


2015 was a pretty big year for mobile browsing with it having overtaken desktop browsing for traffic and in many sectors sales too. This means two things when it comes to design, and the first is that you absolutely must have responsive design for your website.

Second it means that the influence mobile design has had on the web will go further, with more horizontal browsing, hidden menus, web apps and other nifty gadgets inspired by the challenge of mobile browsing.

Keyword research

Taking more advantage of long-tail keywords will certainly become more valuable in the coming year and relying only on short tail keywords won’t be enough. More time should be spent analysing reports on how effective keywords are too.

We’re sure there’ll be many unexpected developments in the coming year for website SEO so be sure to check back for updates, and to regularly update and tweak your website.

Blog Creation

Creating a blog for your website is another fantastic way of boosting your potential when it comes to search engine optimisation. By having an extra space in your site full of content you’ll bring in more readers, and find more customers returning.


Long-term Website SEO tips

It’s true that the best practices used for website SEO are constantly growing, evolving, and developing. For this reason it’s always going to be necessary to update your website SEO from time to time, and in fact many services will even look after this for you as part of the service. None the less this doesn’t mean that we can’t kind of gauge the direction that things are going and plan for the best long-term strategies for achieving success in advance.

Great competitive keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO and it’s also one of the most traditional ways of optimising for search engines. For this reason it’s a sure fire bet that good investment in keyword research and implementation is one great way to guarantee long term yields.

However the most effective keyword research will still need constant revision as the rules which govern keyword use change. Previously websites did fairy well out of monopolising the most important keywords, today though the right words need to be used in the right content if you’re going to draw in traffic in the long term.

Finally for effective long-term keyword research your business should consider if taking advantage of your local area could boost your traffic. If your website is more for drawing customers to your store or restaurant then using local area keywords could be one way of carving down your competition to stand out.

building long-term back links, which become business relationships is another main way to get great SEO results. Be sure that you direct your customer to reputable related websites so that your customers can leave even better informed, and more likely to return.

By working together with the websites you link to you can also make sure that you’re not stepping on each other’s toes, and not wasting time duplicating content across both sites.

simple design and layout is the final essential way to determine if your traffic is likely to be long-term rather than one off visitors. Your site should be simple and minimal in design, and made for clear and direct navigation. A difficult to navigate design is one sure fire way of frightening users off, and it can also be more costly.

Building Legitimate Backlinks

Backlinks or Link Building has always served as one of the most important and powerful features of a strong SEO strategy, but the ways we use them has changed enormously. This is one of the reasons why an up-to-date SEO expertise is so key to online success. Those still implementing techniques which a few years ago were hailed as miraculous will find themselves lacking, and their website struggling.

Bad Backlinks
It is very possible, easy even, to acquire hundreds of backlinks with very little hard work, ever to an empty website. Some techniques involve link-swapping with others, or spamming links to your website onto other blogs or forums. Some recommend linking your website to dead links, by using wikipedia for example, and there are very frowned upon techniques too where numerous websites are set-up solely to be used as back-links.

None of these carry any benefit however, search engines are on to the tricksters nowadays. The only excitement which bad backlinks may make for a website will be extremely short-lived, and if you want to advertise using space on your blog or website then think again.

Good Backlinks
If however you make use of high quality backlinks, the rewards will most likely be very rich indeed. By networking online, and working in cooperation with other relevant websites, you can enjoy a connection of your mutual audiences via your own recommendation. If you are a web based business selling football boots, then bridge your website to other sites with information about boots, buying guides, as well as sites which sell balls, kits, goal-posts and so on. No successful business will associate with undesirables as their own reputation would be at stake.
These backlinks will be used again and again, and will for the most part be long-term associations.

Quality over quantity is rewarded by search engines today. The trick to building up great backlinks is taking your time. It may be more work than the shortcuts out there, though if you want backlinks which will keep your traffic flowing long-term, it is undeniably worthwhile.

Website SEO – 8 Things You Really Need To Be Doing

Even basic website SEO is fundamental to your business.  It will help to ensure that your website gets found by people when they need it the most.

The main aim of such isn’t to cheat search engines, but to help create a great and seamless experience for its users.

When it comes to website SEO there are important things you need to be doing that will help your business to flourish.

  1. Think of your website as a cake. The links act as the icing, whilst the content acts as the ingredients that make it. Without these your website like a cake would tasteless and boring.
  1. Search engines want to do the best job possible when people use them. Make sure that the content in yours is relevant.
  1. Search engine spiders only have a certain amount of storage for data. Make sure you don’t use tactics that are shady.
  1. When it comes to website SEO you need to understand what your goals are. Spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve whether it is generating more leads or more sales.
  1. You need to start optimizing for multiple channels. So think what you need to do when you are using social media. Make sure that as part of your website SEO strategies you are consistent when it comes to using certain keyword phrases.
  1. Make sure that you are consistent when it comes to your domain name. It is far better to use sub-directories rather than sub-domains, if you can use old domains rather than new ones. Plus try and use ones that include specific keywords that are relevant to your website.
  1. When it comes to website SEO make sure you are optimizing for other types of results. Don’t forget to focus on mobile and tablet optimization as well, plus not forgetting social media.
  1. You must make sure that you focus on meta data as well when it comes to website SEO. So make sure your content includes meta descriptions and title tags.  Remember to ensure that the ones you use are unique.

Applying the Latest Website SEO Techniques to Increase Web Traffic

Search engines are always revising their best practices manuals to ensure that websites are not cheating their way into the top search results in their search engines, and that is why you should try to apply the latest website SEO techniques to increase web traffic in order to stand out from the competition. In case you are wondering what these techniques we are talking about are, we’ll list them below.


Look And Feel

A great layout and an accompanying style, along with a gorgeous logo and a smart short and sweet title that provides a precise description of your quality content are the cornerstone of the starting point to climb up the rankings in website search results. The content has to be unique and just about enough not to bore your audience while proving to carry relevant information with well-placed keywords.


Reduce Load Times

Load times are without a doubt one of the top factors why a visitor will stop browsing through a website. If a webpage takes too much time to load, they start looking for the information somewhere else. Even if you don’t hear about this as much as you should, this is also an important responsibility of a good website SEO. By looking at file sizes and IP address proximity you can reduce the load times of your site to ensure your visitor stays in it.


Link with Care

There is one additional factor that also is a grand part of search engine rankings and it is the links and back links that your site has and their quality. A good building of back links can go a long way for your site, as long as it doesn’t end up being related to sites for spam which will penalize your search result score, relevance and credibility.


The Importance of Social Media

Social media is a great way to produce links, you should look out though, for those which have a no-robots policy if you want these back links to become effective.

As you can see, there is a lot to have in mind and we always recommend hiring professional advisors to accomplish the goal of establishing effective search engine optimization.

Finding a Company to Adjust Your Website SEO

It’s important to hire a talented consultant to ensure that your website SEO is doing as much for your business as it should be. When a person performs a search online, the key keywords are used to pull up specific websites first. So, if your site is using them correctly, you can ensure that your site is near the top of the list.

How Can They Help With Your Website?
An SEO company will go over your website and put links onto it that will ensure that it comes up closer to the top when someone performs a search related to your topic. Making these small adjustments can drive a lot more traffic to your site when it’s done by a professional consultant that does this type of thing for a living.

Are There Other Things That Can Help Your Website?
When the consultant analyzes your current website, they will probably have other tips for you as well with regards to website SEO. They can assist you in making your website easy and convenient for users. After all, you want people to enjoy your page and want to come back or even tell their friends about it.

You should also consider asking your web designer about the possibility of installing Google Analytics. It can help you keep track of where your traffic is being sent from, how many people you are bringing in, how regularly they visit and what they click on most on your site. All of this is very useful information for you to use in order to make your website the best it can be and to keep it high on those searches.

Keeping It Fresh
The final thing to take into consideration is the actual content of your page. Don’t be afraid to change it up sometimes and keep your visitors excited. If you keep the same stale information, eventually even your most loyal visitors will get bored with it. You should think of your website as a growing, changing entity. Keep it unique and exciting to keep those customers coming back!

Website SEO: Make Money from Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can make money on the Internet but there is a considerable amount of competition so you must develop a website SEO strategy that will get your website to rank higher on the search engines. We are going to look at some of the key topics to consider when developing this strategy.

Importance of Having a Brand Name Domain
Your website domain name should be related to the product or service you are offering. This will help your website rank higher in the search engines. Purchasing these domain names can become very competitive so it would be in your best interests to hire a professional SEO company that can secure these domain names for you.

Benefit of Unique and Engaging Content
Your website SEO plan needs to incorporate high quality, unique and engaging content that will capture the attention of the visitor. This is another task that can be handled by the search engine company you hire. By producing high quality content on a regular basis the search engines will continue to crawl your website and this will help you climb the rankings.

Why You Need To Hire A SEO Firm to Help Rank your Affiliate Websites
You need to engage the services of a professional SEO firm to help get your affiliate websites ranked prominently. There are many other people who like you want to make money from their affiliate websites and the only way to do that is by getting your website ranked high up on the search engines which is something you cannot do on your own. You need to find a SEO company that specializes in ranking affiliate websites.

How to Pick the Right SEO Company
If you are trying to select a company to help develop and implement your website SEO plan you really need to look for a firm that has a well-documented track record of success. When you have located these firms you should ask each of them for testimonials from satisfied clients and speak with these clients. You can make money with your affiliate websites you just need to follow these tips and do your research.

Improve your Website SEO with Keywords

Search engine optimization is a hot topic that almost everyone with any sort of website is interested in. The ability to appear as close to the top as possible when someone does a search is great it makes it more likely to be seen and for people to click and be brought to your website.

Website SEO and Keywords
The choice of keywords is one of the most important steps of Website SEO. People search by typing in a few words in the search engine so finding words that most relate to people that want to buy your product or service is vital. These key-words are then made the focus of your website and its content. This helps to make your website more highly ranked when people use these keywords as part of a search.

Keywords and Content
One of the areas that is important is having content on your website that is interesting and uses the keyword in a way that will we seen as positive by the search engine evaluation software. This means being used in context, having related terms and having authoritative links. All of these things will make the webpage they appear on be ranked well in search engines.

The great thing about keywords is that you can use several or many. This means having several pages or even hundreds of pages of content but this then gives you a wide base of website SEO to work with. The statistics on page views and conversion rates will then allow you to see what is working and what is not. This both allows you to focus on what works and to try new areas in your efforts to increase traffic and increase conversion rates.

Links and Ranking
One of the areas of website SEO that sometimes is not understood is the value of links. This does not mean have every second term linked to something but relevant links to older articles, blogs, suppliers and social media will improve the pages ranking. As the links become more complex then they also become more valuable. This means that having a presence on social media and a blog site are great ways to build SEO value.

What Are the Modern Website SEO Standards?

A modern website’s SEO standards look very little like they did when we first got into the game several years back. But rather than reminisce about the olden days, let’s look at what you need today to make a website rock.

Content breaks down into a few different sections. First, it needs to be formatted properly, with proper spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. It needs to be concise, feature a variety of formats (i.e. not just 800 “top 7” lists), and yet be consistent in it’s quality and the material it covers across the entire site. The content must be high-quality in that it should cover the depth and breadth of the topic appropriately, and it should be very close to 100% original.

Content should also have elements that are stable, including company mottos and their ilk, but also content that is often-referenced or important to the site’s theme, and other elements that are updated or transient. This reflects that the company is both offering value and keeping itself up-to-date.

The code must have all of the critical elements in the right place (no broken pages). It should also have all noncritical elements correct (no stupid errors). It must be as simple as possible, with no redundant code. It should also have perfect HTML semantics (i.e. no unclosed tags, tags nested properly).

Hosting is simple: the site should be hosted by a service that has a fast connection, and as close to 100% uptime as possible.

URLs & Internal Links
The domain should be old and trusted, as should the homepage. Internal pages should range from older to newer, with ‘background’ pages like the About Us, Privacy Policy, and other similar pages being older and content being updated more frequently. Internal links should never be broken and should avoid redirects (though redirects are a very minor issue.)

Backlinks should come from authoritative sites within the industry or niche of your site. They should come from the largest possible variety of unique root domains, and they should be as old as possible.

Most SEO efforts go into that last heading, but in reality, backlink building should only be prioritized after the other elements are satisfactory.