Take Your Website SEO to the Next Level

In this day and age, it goes without saying that every business where they aren’t asleep at the wheel has at least “something” as far as a web presence.  But if that “something” is just a page with a few words about your company, then you really are missing out on one of the most powerful (and reasonably priced) marketing tools at your disposal.  You’ve almost undoubtedly used a search engine at some point, to find something you’re looking for – but maybe you haven’t quite wrapped your head around the massive power web site SEO (search engine optimization) can wield – it’s a power YOU can wield.

And maybe you have at least dabbled in web site SEO, to try and draw some traffic to your site – where they can subsequently join your e-mailing list, check out your offerings and make inquiries, place orders, etc.  But getting them to your site is definitely a major part of the battle – and it’s a part that a huge number of business owners who are highly knowledgeable in their industries get tripped up.  Knowing your industry, as you most certainly do, does not necessarily equate to knowing your customer.  One problem a lot of business owners have (especially early on) is that they do everything in their power to get ANYONE to use their products or services, without investing a great deal of thought into just WHO these customers are… and how much value their business actually adds to the top (and bottom) line.  And while this is something that needs tending to at every level of a successful business, web site SEO needs this tended to with a fine toothed comb, as the little details get very big any time a computer is involved (computers don’t understand subtlety and nuance).

So, just who is your ideal customer?  Different people don’t just like (and look for) different things – they relate to their problems (and the solutions you’re looking to provide) in very different ways.  Think about words and phrases that will reach your ideal customers… or at least the best ones you’ve had so far.  Those will become your key phrases, and you should use them frequently in your web site SEO – they’re how your best customers will find you, after all.

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