The Backlink Trifecta: Forum Posting, Blog Posting, and Social Bookmarking

There are a few SEO tricks that virtually everyone puts to good use when crafting backlinks for their website: forum posting, blog posting, and social bookmarking. SEO, at least off-page SEO, is devoted almost entirely to the art of developing backlinks to your website. There are three basic attributes that make a backlink a good one: authority, persistence, and relevance.

Authority means that the backlink comes from a webpage that search engines think is important. Getting a backlink from About.com or Wikipedia.com has a lot more weight to it than getting a backlink from mommasgottablog.com or blitheringidiocy.info. In general, the older the site, the more traffic the site gets, and the higher the site’s PageRank, the more authority it has.

Persistence simply means that the backlink will continue to exist for a long, long time. Putting forth a lot of effort to get a backlink from a PageRank 8 authority site is all well and good, but if that backlink is going to get deleted in a few weeks because the page regularly rolls over and offers entirely-new content, your efforts are going to be wasted.

This is common sense. If your website is about spiders, and you get a backlink from a webpage about chicken casserole, the search engines are going to be all like “Whaa?”, and they’re going to assume that the backlink is an accident or otherwise not actually important. Much better to get a backlink from a page about surviving spider bites.

forum postingLooking at these three factors, the power of forums, blogs, and social bookmarking should make itself immediately obvious. First, most social bookmarking sites (like StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Delicious) are authority sites by their very nature. More importantly, as you add more and more social bookmarks about a specific topic, the more the page becomes relevant. And of course, the entire point of social bookmarking is to create a persistent list of items that never goes away.

Similarly, forums and blogs offer such variety that finding relevant ones is pretty easy, and they’re designed to leave the comments and conversations around forever. The challenge is finding high-authority forums and blogs to comment on, but if you can accomplish that goal, you’re on your way to a plethora of high-quality backlinks.