The facts you need to know about mobile website design

This post is made for anyone out there who operates an online business but is yet to make the step of building a platform suitable for mobile browsing. As an online business, one of the most powerful weapons at your disposal is education, and understanding just a few facts about mobile website design can inform your whole method for doing business online.

The dominance of mobile browsing
Since the early days of WAP (I’m sure some of you remember) browsing the web using a mobile device has completely transformed. Today the ease of access to mobile browsing means that all of us use the mobile web on a daily basis and on the whole, the number of us browsing using a mobile has overtaken desktop browsing.

It all comes down to convenience really, we all live our lives with an Internet ready device in our pocket, and for the most part we spend our days out and about on the go. This is why if your potential customer is ever going to stumble onto your site, the odds are that today they’ll be using a mobile device.

Top priorities
When you begin planning the design for your responsive mobile ready site, it’s important to list the priorities you need to keep in mind as you build your site. Here are some of our top priorities that all businesses should keep in mind.

The appearance of your website shouldn’t be overlooked, as superficial as it might seem, it’s something that makes a big difference to how many customers will return to your site after their first visit, plus it isn’t hard to design a visually simple yet attractive layout.

Since mobile browsing can change depending on the connection available at any given place or time, it’s important that you do everything in your power to ensure that your site runs as quickly as possible.