The Lost Art of Directory Submission

Maybe you don’t know what a directory is – which might mean you have no idea what directory submission might be.  And that’s fine, because I’m about to lay it right out, so that this art form doesn’t die out any time in the foreseeable future.

Directories are websites that catalogue and provide links to good (and sometimes truly great) web sites.  And of course, you might be wondering how these directories know that a web site is up to snuff.  The part that separates a directory from a search engine is that search engines populate their lists through software (often known as “spiders,” even though they aren’t really arachnids), while directories are produced, added to (and sometimes subtracted from), and just generally maintained by real, living people who actually look at the sites themselves.

A good directory features the very best, especially in regard to a specific niche of sites or subject matter.  And when you practice directory submission, you really do need to keep that in mind; after all, when someone searches for “poisonous snakes,” they most likely do NOT have any particular interest in seeing your awesome site full of Dodge Vipers.

This brings me to a very important point, both about directories themselves and about directory submission.  In most directories, there are tons and tons of sites that might be better at being general than yours is.  And for this reason, directory submission to these “general” sites is just plain ridiculous.  You have GOT to niche it down, if you want to be positively noticed in a directory setting.

So you have to decide on what you really intend to say with your content, and figure out who your target readers might be – keep in mind that “might be” makes the concept malleable; you’ll never know who your most loyal and (hopefully) profitable readers are going to be until you’ve rigorously tested your theories.  Here’s an example:

Say you write a blog about the finer points of Ford Mustangs from the 1960s.  If you submitted your site to a directory, you’d be lost in a massive shuffle if you tried to get a good position in a directory about “cars.”  But you might experience more success if you submitted to a directory about “1960s muscle cars.”  And you’d most likely be a shoo in for “1960s Ford Mustangs.”  And which directory would you guess is most likely to be perused by your target readers?  If you can’t figure out that one, I’m not going to help you.  The companies like Elite SEO marketing might have a better way to explain it to you.

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