Tips to get your website a First page placement on search engines

The online marketplace is a hub of constant activity and intense competition. Each and every website has to compete against millions of other sites that offer similar products and services. So, it becomes extremely important not only to get your business noticed by the online audience but more also ensure that your website gets traffic that is legitimate and not spam.

Search engines have inbuilt algorithms that constantly scan the web for relevant and good pages to index them in order to include them in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). A good understanding of the principle based on which these crawlers or bots work will help you increase the visibility of your website and in turn enhance your Return On Investment (ROI). A visitor will choose to become a returning visitor and eventually a potential client only if they like the site. In Search Engine Optimization, this defines the process of ‘Conversion.’

A few important things to keep in mind to get your website a first page placement include:

A good landing page: The home page of the website is the first page a visitor sees. Importance must be given to both, the written text as well as the images that together constitute the overall content of the landing page. The text content of the website must be well-written and the chosen images, embedded videos, etc should give the page a very professional look and feel.

User navigation: The primary and secondary user navigation should be easy. This can be accomplished by integrating the website with dropdown menus, radio buttons, navigation and search bars, sitemaps, well-defined tabs and easy-to-read content categories.

Backlinks: Incorporating high-quality and relevant Incoming links from external websites that have a good PageRank into your website increase the popularity and ranking of your website.

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