Top Three Website SEO Tips

There are dozens of tips that can be given for website SEO, but many of them are redundant. You can not take a haphazard approach and hope to get page rank or search engine position. You have to take an overall approach, sort of a holistic medicine in order to cure your poor search findings. To help you here are the top three website SEO tips.

Keyword density

Your keywords should appear in your text and titles with a decent frequency, but they can be overly used at the same time. The ideal keyword density should range anywhere from 1-3%. Many experts claim that a percentage as high as five is alright. The truth is that even a little overboard can bring a negative result from Google’s algorithms and spiders. Try to place your keyword in your title, once in the opening sentence, once per paragraph, and again in the summary of your page’s content.

Place keywords in URLs

An often overlooked aspect of website SEO is the placement of keywords in your URLs. Every one of your pages should have a file name that contains the keyword. Those pages should also be in a directory that contains the keyword. The keywords should be separated by dashes. Follow a rational approach to naming files and directories. Make sure that they follow a hierarchy.

Good content

Always write for people and have excellent copy on your site. Amazing copywriting is the most basic need that has to be met for website SEO to be successful. Good copy will attract inbound links and hold potential customer’s interest. Also, search engines have ways of recognizing good copy from spam and will reward your site for that good copy. Holding your visitors interest does not always mean using a sales pitch. Providing them with tips or a video that helps them can create a return on investment that will more than justify the time and money spent creating the copy.

Website SEO is more than submitting to directories and hoping that Google finds your site. If you follow these three easy tips you will be farther along the path to first page position than you ever thought you would be.

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