Using social bookmarking to get more website traffic

Social Bookmarking sites are sites that allow you to submit links, search for links on a specific topic, and promote pages. Sites like Digg allow you to submit a link and a short description of the site, then to add it to a category so others can see it. Many sites allow users to vote on the links if they like them and find them relevant, and this can make the link more popular.

Some of these sites may use “nofollow,” but many of them will give you a backlink when you submit an article or link to their directory. Many of them have tags and topics, and using these can help your page ranking using these keywords. Additionally, these kinds of sites are indexed relatively quickly by search engines, so you may also be able to see fast results.

You can sign up for these sites and submit links individually. Many of them have codes you have to enter to prove you’re not a bot, but you can generally submit a link to them relatively quickly. There are also services that help to automate some of the process of submitting your links, filling in some of the fields for you, but you will probably still have to type in the codes yourself. These sites can save you some time, however, because you may only need to fill in fields like title and description once, rather than for each and every site.

It’s best to have your most important keyword in the title of your blog post when you are submitting to these directories. If you can add tags to the post, you can emphasize these keywords even further by using them in the title, body, and description.

Elite Seo Marketing can also help you to improve your site’s ranking by submitting to these directories, either alone or as part of a package. The more well-known websites and backlinks to your site that you have out there, the more traffic will come to your website. Having backlinks on sites that are quickly indexed by search engines, such as social networking sites, can quickly help to boost your Website SEO.

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