What is Targeted Email Marketing and will it help my Business?

Targeted email marketing is sending a sales email, marketing material or a newsletter to a list of people that has been created because they are seen as good prospects. There are various ways that the list may have been created but the key point is that they are not random email addressed but carefully selected because they are more likely to be in a position to make a purchase of your product.

The prospects on the list are generally generated in one of three categories. People that are already your customers and you are marketing to them for additional sales. They have recently purchased a product or service from another source that are in the same category that you sell. They are purchasers that have made other purchases when made offers with this type of marketing.

Make a Compelling Offer
Targeted email marketing works but to work a compelling offer needs to be made. This needs to be easy to understand and things such as discount, free bonuses and money back guarantees. This type of marketing works best with one or two items only having a list of items does not resonate with many people that are marketed to in this way.

It is important that the email you send is well written, easy to understand and looks great. Spending time in making it as professional and eye catching as possible will pay back a hundred fold in extra sales. If this isn’t your field then have someone else inside or outside your business do it instead using the details you supply. You might even consider outsourcing the whole process as it is not expensive and companies that specialize in targeted email marketing are able to offer campaigns targeting different groups.

Supply and Delivery
An area that many businesses fail to plan for is how to cope with the large influx of extra orders that a successful campaign can lead to. A little planning and discussion with suppliers can ensure that if you need extra items that they will be available quickly enough to be supplied to the customer in a timely manner.