Why responsive website design should be your first choice

As anyone operating online should know by now, mobile browsing isn’t just the future, it’s already the present. As many experts had predicted a decade ago, the way we browse the web has rapidly evolved thanks to the development of mobile and tablet technology so that today over half of all browsing happens via a mobile phone or tablet device. Knowing this, every business should by now be spending a larger budget on mobile ready website platforms than conventional desktop sites, however research shows this still isn’t the case.

On the plus side, if you’re still yet to develop a mobile platform for you website, you’re not alone, and by starting the project of building a site now, you still have the opportunity to leave so much of your competition behind.

The mobile web
As we’ve explained, in terms of total user traffic, the mobile web now trumps the more traditional desktop based web. If a customer or Google crawler bot enters into your website and finds that it isn’t mobile ready, your overall web rank will suffer. Therefore for the overall health of your website, however it is viewed, it is essential that you’re competing on the mobile web.

“M dot” websites
Simply mirror the design of your existing site on a sub-domain with m. before the normal web address. The main benefit of this is that it maintains the current look and feel of your website but with a smaller format.

Mobile web apps
Mobile web apps mirror how a native app (one that you download and install) looks and feels, but without the need to download. Instead a mobile web app can be reached via the search engine like any other site, but keep in mind the app platform isn’t fit for all purposes.

Responsive design
Responsive website design has become the web developers favourite when it comes to building a mobile platform and is the format that we would most recommend. A responsive site has a dynamic format which can adjust to any given screen size making it effective for desktop, mobile, or tablet browsing.