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I had hired a couple of web site optimizers for roughly $500- $1,500 each. Both claimed to have saved my business, but I really didn't see much benefit. I was concerned as most searches didn't bring me up in the first 10 pages. My first conversation with Rich Sihilling of Elite SEO Marketing lasted for about 2 hours. I wanted to know what I was getting and wasn't about to buy until he told me. I quickly came to find that Rich is a computer geek who really enjoys his work and is truly excited about what he is doing (and if Elite stopped paying him he would probably come to work anyway). As we talked he was going through my site and started tweaking and fixing things before I had even hired him. He quickly analyzed the sites of my major competitors and devised a program that would put me at the front of the group. We argued back and forth over the selection of my 25 key words and Rich gave me some excellent data on which to pick and why.

I ran all 25 key words before Rich started and with the exception of searches that contained elements of the company name I was somewhere beyond page 10. The change was not instantaneous and after several months I noticed substantial progress, but not what had been promised. I sent Rich an email and questioned his progress. He said they were still working on my "cross links". Being the sarcastic fellow that I am I responded "don't get a speeding ticket". Rich quickly responded that since Elite was a "White Hat SEO" that they had to follow industry guidelines that limited how many cross links could be added per month. He also stated that a "Google speeding ticket" meant suspension of my site from searches. All I could say was "nice hat".

We are now nearing conclusion of the first year (I will be renewing) and all 25 of my key words are on page one, most are between #1 and #3 on page one. I do know that one of my competitors has a full time IT guy working on optimization and site maintenance. The other competitor is married to a gal who works his site full time. The three of us dominate web searches in San Diego . Interestingly, the next 50 key words that I didn't pay for have caught a "free ride" and are now no worse than page three, having previously been beyond page 10. Any time I have a question I call Rich and immediately get through and get my question answered. I will be renewing and feel confident that I will soon leave my two very astute competitors in the dust. Business in construction has been bad, but the investment I made in Elite SEO Marketing has kept me afloat in the bad times and will make me that much stronger when times get better. I have referred many of my friends to Elite and they are all equally as happy. The guarantee that Elite will not contract with my competitors was a major factor in my choice to hire them.

If you are wondering if Elite wrote this letter and that I don't exist pick up the phone and call me! - Bob :www.mirrorshowerandglass.com


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